Corona cases can be reduced by this system in schools, new research reveals

Corona cases are increasing continuously. At the same time, a new research has revealed that improving the ventilation system of the school can help in reducing the cases of Kovid-19 among the students. This information has been received from an Italian study. The study was conducted by the Hume Foundation, an Italian think tank. This included 10,441 classes in Marche in central Italy, of which 316 classrooms were equipped with mechanical ventilation systems, while the other 10,125 were normal.

According to the report of Xinhua news agency, in 316 classrooms with mechanical ventilation system, there were very few cases of covid and the number of infections decreased with the quality of the school’s ventilation system. Compared to the level of classrooms without ventilation system, When the classroom air was completely replaced every 25 minutes, there was a 40 percent reduction in COVID cases.

When the air was replaced completely every 15 minutes, the cases were few and in cases where the air was changed every 10 minutes, the reported cases of COVID were very few, as per the study Found out from. According to local reports, most schools in Italy lack mechanical ventilation systems. Italy’s COVID safety regulations require teachers to open classroom windows when possible.

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