Corona Diet: Best diet plan for fast recovery in Corona, will remove weakness

People are making many changes in their lives to avoid the outbreak of Corona virus. People have improved their lifestyle and food to a great extent. People are adopting healthy lifestyle to strengthen their immunity. At the same time, people who are recovering after suffering from corona infection also need to be very alert about their food and drink. Now, for the speedy recovery of patients, a diet plan has been issued by the expert & nbsp; This will be very beneficial for those people who are recovering in self-isolation. In such a situation, you can adopt this diet chart for fast recovery after corona. This will boost your immunity and you will get better soon. & Nbsp;

1- Corona patients should wake up in the morning and eat soaked almonds and raisins. Eat them regularly for a few days.

2- Eat ragi dosa or a bowl of porridge for breakfast. The aim is to shift the patient from a gluten free diet to a fiber-rich diet. This makes digestion better. & Nbsp;

3- Eat jaggery and ghee in lunch or after dinner. You can also eat jaggery and ghee with roti. This keeps the body warm and strengthens the immunity. & Nbsp;

4- You can eat khichdi in dinner. It contains all the necessary nutrients. Apart from this, diarrhea or stomach problems are also reduced. & Nbsp;

Drink plenty of water in 5 days. If you want, you can also drink homemade lemonade and buttermilk. Immunity is good when the body is fully hydrated and the organs are not affected. & Nbsp;

6- Include protein rich things in the food like chicken, fish, egg, cheese, soybean and almonds This results in faster recovery of muscles. A good amount of protein is found in it. & Nbsp;

7- Eat colorful vegetables and fruits daily. They get vitamins and minerals from the body. Different types of vitamins and minerals go into the body by eating fruits and vegetables of all colors. & Nbsp;

8- If you are having stress-anxiety during self-isolation, then you can eat a small amount of dark chocolate. Eat chocolate that contains 70 percent cocoa.

9- Drink turmeric milk every night. This will strengthen your immunity. Turmeric contains antibiotic elements which are beneficial for the body.

10- For cooking, use walnuts, almonds, mustard or olive oil. This will be a good option for you.

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