Corona: Himani Shivpuri’s deceitful pain, said- not getting income due to lack of work

Coronavirus has locked all industries. In this way, work has stopped in the Bollywood industry and many people associated with this film-TV are facing problems. Now Veteran actress Himani Shivpuri has talked about the end of this epidemic. According to Himani Shivpuri, this is a very difficult time. Especially for those aged actors who do not have the means of income.

Time of struggle for old artists
Himani Shivpuri, speaking to a news portal, revealed that even though the old artists are still working, it is time for them to struggle. According to Himani Shivpuri, very little income has been happening in the last one year.

Provision or care fund is not available
Himani Shivpuri further explained that there is no provident or care fund for them, which we can use in difficult times. However, Himani Shivpuri also said that he has not given up hope and is confident that one day everything will be alright.

Appeal to fans to stay at home
Himani Shivpuri advised the fans that the present time is not right. Everyone needs to take care of their safety. Stay at home and take all precautions. According to Himani Shivpuri, everyone needs to work their emotional and physical strength with strengthening immunity.

Work done in many hit films
Himani Shivpuri has worked in many of Bollywood’s hit films. Himani Shivpuri has been a part of many films including ‘Dilwale Dulhinaya Le Jayenge’, ‘Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon’, ‘Hero No.1’, ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’, ‘Mehndi’.


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