Corona virus can spread in the skin too, these symptoms can be identified

By far the most common symptoms of Kovid-19 are thought to be fever, cough and muscle aches. They also indicate the type and severity of infection. Apart from this, some other signs of infection can also be dangerous, but often these go unnoticed. For example, rashes on the toes.

Kovid – 19 can cause swelling on the skin
While rashes can easily be dismissed as a sign of a common rash or allergy, abnormal rashes, redness and bumps can often be a sign of severe covid-19. 1 patient needs good care in the hospital. At the same time, many others take weeks and months to recover. Therefore, these are not mild symptoms. Studies have also shown that rashes and rash are also major symptoms of infection in young children, showing different symptoms than adults.

Being rashed
In many people infected with Kovid-19, the virus can spread to veins and arteries and cause inflammation, which is visible on the skin. This inflammation can result in rashes, which can sometimes be considered red rash, itching, and rash.

Young children and young children may have spotted or rough skin, feet, hands, stomach, or back. Redness skin can also be caused due to changes in blood pressure levels and oxygen flow in the body along with rash. It can also result in extreme chills and shivering, which is accompanied by fever.

Kovid-19 signs on toes
Kovid-19 was first detected in children on the toes and is now a common sign in adults as well. Inflammation in the body due to viral outbreaks can result in swelling, wounds in the toes. Along with swelling, it can also cause blisters and itching can cause pain.

Dry lips
In many people infected with the corona virus, it has been revealed that it can also cause lesions on the lips. During the infection, the lips may become dry, flaky and the wounds can also spread inside the mouth. Skin dryness and blisters can be most common with infection. Dry lips can also occur when you are dehydrated or are not getting enough nutrition during recovery. Blue tint on the lips is also due to lack of oxygen. This can work as a signal.

Who is most threatened
The study has revealed that people with medical conditions such as respiratory disease, obesity and old age have a long-term risk of being Kovid-19. In addition, diabetic patients recovering from Kovid-19 also need extra attention because they have a higher risk of skin infection.

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