Corona virus: How often should one gargle to avoid corona. Learn the advantages and disadvantages

People are taking various measures to avoid corona. Many people are adopting home remedies. People are taking steam, drinking decoction, thrashing, so as to stay away from the corona. Some people feel that the corona virus will not affect them or the corona virus will come out. But is it true? Know what is the opinion of the experts on this.

Why should garbage?
Doctors say that garbage clears the dirt present in the throat. If the throat is bad or there is any kind of swelling, then it is relaxed by gargling. Although nowadays people are thrashing with salt and turmeric water, but till now this information has not been revealed that the corona virus will die from it. Experts say that Garra is essential for oral hygiene. If you have a cold or a sore throat, you may benefit from a sore throat. & Nbsp;

Disadvantages of too much garbage?

If you are growing too much, you may also suffer many losses. & Nbsp;

1- People of high blood pressure should not gargle with too much salt water, this may affect blood pressure. Your body starts absorbing salt which can affect BP. & nbsp;

2- Some people gargle several times a day, there may be swelling in their throat. Therefore, it should be avoided to gargle more.

3- Gargling with too much hot water can cause your throat ulcers. Therefore, one should not gargle with very hot water.

4 – Repeated sore throat may occur if gargling with hot water again and again. Some people may also have mouth blisters and rashes. & Nbsp;

How often and when to gargle?

If you have any problem in your throat, the doctor may ask you to gargle several times a day. But a normal person should gargle in the morning or evening or 3 times a day. Doctors recommend gargling after eating. You can gargle after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take care that the water is not too hot. If you want, you can also gargle with normal water. Doing gargling will give you relief in problems like cold, sore throat. With this you can keep the oral hygiene. & Nbsp;

How is garbage better?

Gargle with Betadine – If your throat is sore, there is any swelling in the throat or there is pain in the throat, then you gargle with Betadine in water. Betadine is an antibacterial drug to relieve infection. & Nbsp;

Gargle with salt water – If you do not have any problem then you can gargle by adding 1 pinch of salt in lukewarm water. You should not gargle more than 3 times a day. & Nbsp;

Gargle with turmeric water – Turmeric has anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties. Many problems are overcome by this. You can gargle by adding the right amount of turmeric. But overuse of it can also do harm. & Nbsp;

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