Coronavirus: 1 in 3 children with this syndrome need to be hospitalized, know everything

Kovid-19 can affect adults in a serious way, but it is still largely believed that children are not severely affected by Kovid-19. They are neither at risk of hospitalization nor fear of serious symptoms. However, this cannot be true. Evidence to the contrary has been found in new research. Recent research has revealed that a greater percentage of children may have to be hospitalized with complications of Kovid-19, especially multi-system inflammatory syndrome, which can be fatal in the same way.

Can children get severe infection of the corona virus?
However, it is also believed that children may be prone to complications related to the corona virus and severe symptoms may also develop. Even though there is not much established evidence yet, doctors have emphasized that the corona virus is as risky as it is for adults.

A recent finding by the Journal of Tropical Pediatrics states that 1 in 3 children with severe symptoms of Kovid-19 require early hospitalization and an intensive care unit and some of the complications of complications can be fatal. . It was also observed that 49 per cent of the children who had to be hospitalized due to Kovid-19 were suffering from multi-system inflammatory syndrome, which is one of the most dangerous complications.

What makes MIS dangerous for children?
Ever since the case of Kovid-19 has been reported in children, yet rare serious complication in the sick children i.e. MIS or MIS-C has been revealed. Multi system inflammatory condition is a problem when there is swelling in the vital organs of the body including heart, lungs, brain, eyes, kidneys. Although the apparent association between Kovid-19 and MIS is unknown as of now, children suffering from MIS often encounter similar inflammatory diseases. The most common symptom of MIS-C in most children has been a persistent fever over 24 hours.

Most children affected by MIS-C have suffered from problems and complications such as respiratory tract, gastrointestinal system, skin. Apart from this, it has also been observed that the death rate of children suffering from MIS is higher than normal. Recent research has indicated that MIS with Kovid-19 brings 60 percent mortality. Children who are identified on time may also cause oxygen support and greater need for ventilation.

How long will the vaccine be available for children?
Parents may have to wait more than six months for the vaccine for the children. Young children have not been given priority in the vaccination campaign. However, researchers are currently working on investigating and creating a dose of appropriate vaccine for children. Companies like Moderna and Pfizer have already started involving children in human trials. Oxford-AstraZeneca and Bharat Biotech are also planning to develop vaccines for children. If all goes well, vaccine doses may be available by the summer of 2021.

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