Coronavirus: curfew and accelerated vaccination for fear of a possible rebound

Caregivers are crossing their fingers. Because it is now in the days to come that we will observe a possible rebound in the circulation of Covid 19. Saturday January 2, that is to say a week after the Christmas holidays, the epidemic front was fairly stable, the latest figures even showing state of a very slight decrease in the number of hospital admissions.

Certain regions are nevertheless already very concerned about the number of patients. It is for this reason that the government decided to authorize a curfew from 6 p.m. in 15 departments; As of today, Saturday January 2, approximately 6 million French people can no longer leave their homes after 6 p.m., except for exceptions.

Curfew, a measure “perhaps insufficient”

Elected officials and caregivers hope that this measure will reduce the pressure on hospitals and avoid new confinement, while many European countries have already been forced to take more drastic measures. However, some mayors believe that the curfew decision is already too late. Nancy’s socialist mayor Mathieu Klein wonders if such a provision, in the context, is not “Perhaps insufficient”.

But the government does not exclude, after two confinements of several weeks since the spring, a strengthening of the restrictions. “If the situation were to deteriorate further in certain territories, we will make the necessary decisions”government spokesman Gabriel Attal warned on Friday January 1.

“The first months of the year will be difficult”, with an epidemic that will weigh “At least until spring”, also warned the Head of State Thursday in his wishes to the French.

The only hope is vaccination. Here again, under fire from critics, the government decided to give a boost to the vaccination campaign which began on December 27 in nursing homes. But the start has been so slow that some doctors and politicians have expressed public concern in recent days.

Start vaccinodromes

“The whole healthcare community does not understand why there is such a gap with Germany: Germany vaccinates 20,000 people per day, we are at 50 people vaccinated per day”, denounced on Saturday on BFMTV Professor Mehdi Mejdoubi, of the hospital center of Valenciennes. “We have to launch vaccinodromes, it is the only solution to vaccinate quickly”, he pleaded.

In an attempt to reassure, the Minister of Health Olivier VĂ©ran announced Thursday that caregivers aged 50 and over could be vaccinated from Monday, January 4, advancing their turn by several weeks.


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