Coronavirus Diet: If you want to strengthen the immune system, then include these 5 healthy drinks in your diet.

Given the current situation, you would not want to buy the risk of falling ill these days. To remove diseases, you need to boost your immune system, which needs to eat the right nutrition. The antibodies present in our immune system fight against diseases, infections and it is important that you keep it healthy and strong.

The corona virus epidemic has made us realize the importance of immunity in our daily lives. Research by Melbourne University found that a strong immune system can fight the virus and help you recover from infection. If you also want immunity to be strong, then some of these drinks will be able to help you.

Watermelon juice
Watermelon contains a lot of water which keeps your body hydrated. It also helps in detoxification. Detoxification means cleansing the blood. It helps to purify the blood present in the liver and remove toxins. It contains healthy nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Magnesium. Watermelon juice also helps reduce muscle pain, which is a common flu symptom.

Tomato juice
Fresh tomato juice contains folate, which reduces the risk of infection. It also provides a variety of vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants that provide countless health benefits to the body.

Hot fruit juice
Pungent fruits are considered the best sources of vitamin C and strong immunity boosters. You might not know that vitamin C increases the production of white blood cells, which helps your body fight infections and viral diseases. Vitamin C deficiency has long been associated with loss of immune response. 100 mg of vitamin C a day is enough to boost the immune system for a healthy adult.

Pumpkin juice
This juice prepared from pumpkin seeds is high in zinc, magnesium and fiber. All three essential nutrients are necessary to maintain a healthy immune system. It also helps in reducing inflammation.

Red fruit juice
Beets prepared from beets, carrots, apples are a treasure trove of nutrients that reduce inflammatory symptoms and help your immune system. Apart from this, they also help you in combating the symptoms of colds or flu, which can be a hindrance in your daily functioning.

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