Coronavirus: Keep lungs healthy after recovery from Kovid, problem may occur even after 6 months

Coronavirus: No need to take Kovid-19 infection lightly. When you go through this serious disease, you realize that the corona infection has left an impact on your body. Many people start thinking that we have been cured now. Now we do not need to take any kind of caution, you are thinking this completely wrong. It has been revealed in many research that even after recovering from corona, you should be cautious for 6 months.

Research has said that the infection of Coronavirus is leaving the most effect on the lungs of the patient. In such a situation, you are at risk of exposure for six months. Corona virus weakens the lungs of the patient. After which the risk of having many serious physical problems increases. Therefore, you should take great care of your health even after recovery from corona infection. You need to take some exercises and some precautions to make your lungs strong.

Do the breathing holding exercise
It has also been revealed in many research that even after six months of recovery from corona, there is a risk of death in minor cases of Kovid-19. This is because it increases with the severity of the disease. Experts say that patients of corona with less severe symptoms also need to take special precautions. In such a situation, doctors advise you to do exercises that keep the lungs fit. To keep the langs fit, you must do breath holding exercises. You have to do this exercise for at least six months.

How to do breath holding exercise
The way to do this exercise is very easy. First of all, you sit in a ventilated open space. Now stop breathing by mouth and number. If you can hold your breath for 25-30 seconds, then it can be estimated that the lungs are healthy.

Keep lungs fit with food
Experts say that even after recovering from corona, you should be careful in eating and drinking. Corona patients may have the problem of ‘lung fibrosis’ even after at least six months. ‘Lung fibrosis’ causes lung shrinkage. Therefore, it is very important to keep the lungs healthy. Apart from exercise, you have to take care of the diet as well. After eating corona, avoid eating chili-spicy food. You can use things like basil, turmeric, figs, garlic and honey in food.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the method, methods and claims stated in this article. Take these as suggestions only. Before implementing any such treatment / medicine / diet, please consult the doctor.

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