Coronavirus: Roubaix hospital saturates

Contaminated patients flock to Roubaix hospital (North). Since Thursday, October 22, around twenty patients have been transferred to other hospitals for lack of space. “Last week it was already very complicated, we had a lot of patients in the corridors. It was very dense. There, it allows to lighten a little “, explains Juliette Dumont, nurse. At 53, Ludovic is hospitalized for the first time and deplores the lack of means to cope with this second wave: “it’s still a shame that our hospitals cannot support this mass of additional work”.

Unity Covid of the hospital center has been completely saturated for a week. Of the 105 beds available to patients Covid, 101 are busy. A second wave which has only just begun, but which looks a lot worse than the first. “The cases are much more serious, much more serious. We are already short of personnel with the first crisis, it is even harder for all of us “, explains Mélany Willems, unit nurse VSovid

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