Coronavirus Vaccine- Do not panic if you get corona before or after vaccine, know what to do in such a situation?

In view of the rising outbreak of Corona virus, now in India, people above 18 years of age will also start getting vaccinated. However, there are still many questions in the minds of people regarding the Corona vaccine. People are afraid that they will become corona after the vaccine. What should be done in such a situation if the symptoms of corona appear before the vaccine is applied. What to do if you get fever after applying Corona Vaccine. Let us know what the Health Expert has to say on this. & Nbsp;
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1- Infectious disease experts at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in the US say that you may have symptoms of corona or symptoms Vaccine appointment should be postponed. Because of you, other people who have got vaccinated at the center may also have corona. Increases the risk of spreading infection

2- If you are going to get vaccinated, then many questions related to your health can be asked before the appointment. Screening is also done at the vaccination center. If the doctor sees any symptoms then your appointment may be canceled.

3- According to the CDC guidelines, patients with COVID-19 should be vaccinated only when they are fully cured. After getting out of isolation, get the vaccine done.

What to do if infected after a vaccine?

If you have got the vaccine and you have become infected, in such a situation, you should extend the date of the second dose 3-4 weeks ahead. You should consult a doctor in this matter. According to many studies, if you have become infected with corona after the first dose of the vaccine, then you should not take the second dose for several weeks. Experts say that this makes the antibodies in the body stronger and longer.

Be careful about the medicine before the vaccine
1 If you have any kind of disease or are already taking any medicine, then please give this information while taking the vaccination. & nbsp;
2 Avoid eating any kind of pen killer before applying the vaccine. & nbsp;
3 It is forbidden to take antihistamine medication before applying the vaccine to avoid allergies.
4 After applying the vaccine, definitely stop at the vaccination center for 15 to 30 minutes and see if you are experiencing any serious side effects. & Nbsp;
5 While the severe side effects of the vaccine are very less, but itching, fainting , Vomiting, allergic reaction, difficulty in breathing are its serious symptoms. If you find something like this, inform the doctor about it.


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