Coronavirus: WHO’s new guidelines on the use of face masks are strict, what is the instruction for you?

The World Health Organization has tightened new guidelines for wearing face masks on Wednesday. He has advised that every person should wear a face mask at health centers where the infection of Kovid-19 is spreading. Earlier in June, the global body issued recommendations quoting face masks and emphasized on governments to use fabric masks to everyone inside and outside public places. Especially in areas where the risk of virus is high.

WHO’s new guidelines citing face mask

Now, the second wave of corona virus has gained momentum. In the detailed recommendation issued on Wednesday, it was suggested that in the areas where the corona virus is spreading, all people including students and children aged 12 years and above should use face masks. In the case of poor management of air in shops, offices and educational institutions, it is even more necessary.

Recommendation for children, students and guests as well

According to the guidelines, face masks should be used when guests arrive inside the place where air drainage is not good. Face masks must be used even in places with good air clearance when it is not possible to maintain a physical distance of at least one meter.

The World Health Organization said that face masks protect against the spread of the virus and other protective measures such as hand washing should also be implemented. When health care workers are provided in the guidelines, Kovid will apply N95 mask while taking care of 19 patients. The World Health Organization suggested that people performing strenuous physical activity should not wear masks. He cited the dangers associated with it, especially the problems faced by asthma patients.

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