Covid-19: a daily vaccination report from Tuesday

With the implementation of “SI Vaccin Covid”, doctors will be able to follow the steps of the vaccination of each of their patients.

France had hitherto lacked precise, up-to-date and official data on the vaccination campaign. The situation must change with the implementation of the information system “SI Vaccine Covid”, operational since Monday morning. It will be supplied by doctors (in town or in nursing homes), who will thus be able to follow the stages of the vaccination of each of their patients. It will be the one and only tool for “Ensure individual traceability and collective monitoring” of the vaccination campaign, to ensure “The consistency of information management”, explained during his presentation to the press on Monday Thomas Fatome, director general of the National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam), responsible for its development.

As a first step, this teleservice should make it possible to target and inform the populations invited to be vaccinated as they go along; then to ensure the follow-up of their entire vaccination course, from pre-vaccination consultation to injections. This traceability is essential,

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