Covid-19: a few months before the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron must make difficult decisions


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Emmanuel Macron will have to make difficult and politically risky decisions during the Health Defense Council scheduled for Monday, December 27, three months before the first round of the presidential election. Journalist Nathalie Saint-Cricq takes stock of the situation live from the plateau from 20 hours.

Faced with the increase in contamination linked to Covid-19, should we expect a change in strategy from Emmanuel Macron? No, he decided to keep his ‘vaccinated vaccinated’ pack, not to exaggerate the precautionary principle, not to suffocate the economy and above all, to preserve the morale of the French (…). He therefore wants to make the least bad decision possible in a context that changes all the time “, explains journalist Nathalie Saint-Cricq live from the plateau from 20 hours.

Emmanuel Macron pilot on sight “But that does not mean that he is in the dark, it means that we are adapting because science is constantly evolving. What is true in July may be false in December and can therefore be reviewed and corrected at the right time. This is what is happening everywhere in Europe (…) it is not pleasant for us because the variant mutes “, continues the journalist.

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