Covid-19: a little more than 0.1% of classes are closed because of positive cases, according to Jean-Michel Blanquer

In total, 545 classes in France are affected according to the count of the Minister of National Education, less than a week after the start of the school year.

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This is a count necessarily scrutinized after a second return to school under the threat of Covid-19, and new debates on the health protocol. “Today, we have 545 closed classes in France”, said Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer during questions to the government at the National Assembly, Tuesday, September 7. That is “a little above 0.1%” of the total number of classes in France, in primary and secondary education.

“For the moment, we are in a management of the situation which resembles that of last year”, estimated the minister. On July 2, at the end of the previous school year, 374 classes were closed.

Jean-Michel Blanquer did not specify in what types of establishments were these closed classes. Indeed, the new health protocol sets a new rule in middle and high school: if a student tests positive, non-vaccinated contact case students must isolate themselves at home, but not those who are vaccinated. In primary school, a class is closed as soon as a case of Covid-19 appears among the students.

Jean-Michel Blanquer blanquer also drew up a positive assessment of the resumption of courses, believing that “on the whole of the territory, we can consider that today it went well, in the sense that the students were there, the teachers were there and we did not have too many problems. important “.

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