Covid-19: Algeria will share its first vaccines with Tunisia as a sign of solidarity

“Algeria has just stood out with a nice gesture of solidarity with Tunisia”, greet the Tunisian site Webdo. All indicators are red in Tunisia. The country, which had only recorded about 50 deaths during the first wave, has recorded 5 343 dead and 164 936 cases, an underestimated number as in other countries since it only includes cases confirmed by tests. The Tunisian Ministry of Health has decided to impose a general four-day lockdown from this Thursday, January 14 to limit the spread of Covid-19.

“The Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs assured me that his country has not yet received the said vaccine. However, he assured me that upon receipt of the first batches, they will be shared with Tunisia”

Othmane Jerandi, Tunisian Minister for Foreign Affairs

Press conference

(Statement by the Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs, from 1’55, in Arabic)

Thus, according to the Tunisian Foreign Minister, Algeria will share with Tunisia part of the anti-Covid-19 Sputnik V vaccine, ordered from Russia to start mass vaccination. According to the WHO representative, “Tunisia will receive its first doses of Pfizer vaccine in a few months “. No earlier than early March.

Algeria announced on Wednesday January 13 that it had ordered a batch of a second anti-Covid vaccine from China, after the one developed by a Russian laboratory. “In addition to the Russian vaccine, Algeria will receive another batch of anti-Covid-19 vaccine (…) from the People’s Republic of China before the end of January”, said Minister of Communication and government spokesman Ammar Belhimer. He did not specify the number of doses that Algeria intends to acquire, nor the date of the start of the vaccination campaign. Beijing and Algiers are long-standing allies with close economic and trade ties. At the start of the pandemic, China sent a team of virologists to Algeria and sent respirators and protective and screening equipment.

The Algerian Ministry of Health also said that the arrival of the first batch of the Russian vaccine was scheduled by the end of January. Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, hospitalized in Germany, on December 20 asked the head of government to “launch the vaccination campaign in January 2021”. The number of contaminations in Algeria is 102 866 cases including 2 819 deaths, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health.

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