Covid-19 and “global conspiracy”: the documentary “Hold-Up” is controversial

His trailer has been around social networks for several days. The documentary “Hold-up”, released Wednesday, November 11 on the internet, is already spilling a lot of ink. Funded by online jackpots, this 2:40 documentary brings together a galaxy of skeptics and experts of all kinds.

Their target: the measures taken against the Covid-19 crisis. The documentary, directed by former journalist Pierre Barnérias, goes as far as the final explanation of a global conspiracy of which the pandemic is said to be the object. Barely put online, it is already severely criticized by elected politicians and NGOs.

The documentary poster sets the tone: a man and a woman masked with the logos of different media (‘AFP, CNews, BFMTV, TF1) in their eyes. After the passage of the director of CNews, the logo of the chain was replaced by that of LCI, in a second version of the poster.

“The Covid 19 gave rise to contradictory exchanges between doctors, specialists, professors, politicians and experts, all orchestrated and fueled by the intense fire of the media There were many resistance to this war machine: Raoult, Perronne, Toussaint, Douste-Blazy, Montagnier, Michel etc. This film intends to come back to this incredible hold-up “, can we read on the Ulule presentation page.

In a column published on the site FranceEvening, its producer Christophe Cossé describes the Covid-19 as a “virus no more offensive than another seasonal Covid” and castigates a “authoritarian health ideology” wants “compel a society of surveillance and submission”. He takes it out “to an incredible and phenomenal global manipulation company” and to the members of the Scientific Council, whom they consider “mainly close to pharmaceutical laboratories”.

“The (real) culprits of this great scheme, according to Hold-Up? The classic culprits of conspiracy theories: Bill Gates, David Rockefeller or the Frenchman Jacques Attali”, summarizes the Checknews fact-checking service of Release.

Several political leaders of the majority condemned Thursday, November 12 “conspiratorial propaganda” of this documentary.“This is not a docu, this is not journalism, it is conspiratorial propaganda with a blockbuster budget. Shamefully endorsed by a few wandering politicians”, denounced the deputy chairman of the LREM deputies Coralie Dubost, on Twitter.

According to her colleague “walker” Laetitia Avia, the film resumes “fake news on fake news. Mind-blowing. We could laugh about it if the situation were not so serious”. The Minister of Public Accounts Olivier Dussopt also retweets a series of messages decrypting this documentary “delusional”.

“Attention Conspiratorial FakeNews”, also warns the deputy and former secretary of state in charge of digital Mounir Mahjoubi (LREM), who asks for the “resignation” the deputy Martine Wonner (Libertés et Territoires group), one of the speakers of the film.

“We receive multiple messages around the film Hold-Up. People who are in a real denial of reality, in a conspiracy movement and who seriously think that all this (the epidemic) was fabricated”, testifies to AFP the president of the Agir Ensemble group Olivier Becht, ally of the majority.

One of the film’s speakers, ex-LREM MP Martine Wonner, had already been controversial on several occasions, considering that wearing a mask “strictly useless” or by asking in the hemicycle the difference between the Covid and “a huge flu”. There also appears the controversial infectious disease specialist Christian Perronne, already criticized by the Ministry of Health for throwing “discredit” on health professionals.

Also interviewed, former Minister of Health Philippe Douste-Blazy distanced himself on Wednesday on Twitter : “I have not seen this film and if there is the slightest conspiracy, I want to say as clearly as possible that I dissociate myself from it. The health crisis we are going through is serious enough not to add to the confusion at the painful times we are living “. The film has also been removed from the Dailymotion platform.

“The project was ‘pitched’ on August 11 on the platform. It was launched on August 17. Very quickly we realized that it went beyond the supposed initial framework (the pluralism of voices) to become a standard conspiracy theses very far from what we defend on Ulule “, explains on Twitter Alexandre Boucherot, founder of Ulule.

He explains that the platform therefore did not advertise the documentary and that “the entire commission received” will be donated “to an association for the defense of information”.

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