Covid-19: are patients admitted to intensive care getting younger and younger?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – This is what some doctors have said in recent days, pointing to the role of variants. What is it?

THE QUESTION. Patients hospitalized in intensive care for a severe form of Covid are said to be younger than in previous waves in France. This is what has been affirmed in quick succession two articles published by LCI and France Info, on the basis of testimonials from caregivers.

Among the reasons put forward: a decrease in the vigilance of young people leading to more infections and therefore serious cases, an effect of the vaccination of older people or the impact of variants, in particular the British variant, which has become the majority in the ‘hexagon. What is it? Has the average age in intensive care really decreased?

CHECKS. According to doctors interviewed by Le Figaro, the phenomenon is not obvious at the time

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