Covid-19: are self-tests of real interest?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – A first kit for testing yourself at home is marketed in the United States. Would it be possible or desirable to see an equivalent solution arrive in France?

THE QUESTION. The first real self-test carried out entirely at home, with automatic reading of the result, should be marketed in January in the United States. Checking alone, in the comfort of your home, for possible Covid-19 contamination, instead of going for a test in a laboratory or a pharmacy, is obviously attractive. But are these tests so easy to perform? Will they be authorized in France? Are they reliable? In short, can they constitute a really interesting tool in the fight against the epidemic?

CHECKS. “Without a doubt. All test methods are good to take ”, answers without hesitation Philippe Froguel, endocrinologist, professor at Imperial College in London, at Lille-2 University, and fervent defender of massive screening in France. Missing many contagious people prevents the fight against the spread of the virus. However, in France, only 59% of infected patients were detected between

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