Covid-19: at the end of July, 87% of people admitted to critical care were not vaccinated

People not vaccinated against Covid-19 represented the vast majority of people hospitalized in France between July 19 and 25, according to a study by the statistical service of social ministries.

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“At the end of July, the entry into critical care is 12 times lower among the fully vaccinated population than among unvaccinated people” against Covid-19, according to a study published (PDF) on Friday August 6 by the Directorate of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (Drees). Between July 19 and July 25, 87% of people admitted to critical care and 83% of those admitted to conventional hospitalization were unvaccinated, details the Drees. A previous study, conducted between May 31 and July 11, reported that unvaccinated people accounted for 85% of critical care hospitalizations and 84% of so-called conventional hospital admissions.

Between July 19 and 25, patients who completed their vaccination course also represent 6% of critical care admissions and 11% of conventional hospitalizations. The statistical service of the social ministries has also estimated that among the deaths, 82% of people were not vaccinated, 14% were completely. “There are thus 5.3 times more deaths in the unvaccinated that week than in the fully vaccinated with a comparable population size”, continues the Dress.

La Drees also added that during this period, “the positivity rate of the tests of the unvaccinated is three times higher than that of the fully vaccinated”. However, she believes that the lower test positivity rate of vaccinated people can also be explained by “the absence of the need to take a test for these people in the event of an activity requiring a health pass”.

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