Covid-19: Can closing borders stop the Omicron variant?

DECRYPTION – The emergence of this “worrying variant” with 32 mutations prompted a strong reaction from the international community. Many countries, including France, limit travel with southern Africa.

The question divides public opinion and the scientific community whenever a variant emerges. Some sneer, citing the Chernobyl cloud which miraculously stops at the border, or denouncing a nationalist withdrawal; the others, on the contrary, see border control as a pragmatic and realistic solution, the effectiveness of which is certainly not absolute, but which makes it possible to limit the damage.

It is clear that the partial or total border closure measures, much criticized at the start of the epidemic in March 2020 – the WHO was adamant in asserting their uselessness – have become a solution acclaimed by many countries over the waves. epidemics. With the Omicron variant, discovered Thursday in South Africa, judged “worrying»By the WHO and which has a record number of 32 mutations in its Spike protein, the decisions to limit movements were even faster than for the Alpha variants (appeared in England) and Delta

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