Covid-19: can we choose the vaccine we receive?

In some cases it is possible to decide which serum will be injected. Here are the keys to navigate.

Depending on their situation, a patient may or may not have the choice of where to be vaccinated, and therefore which serum will be injected. In general practices or pharmacies, only the AstraZeneca vaccine is injected because it is easier to store. In vaccination centers (eg vaccinodromes or other communal rooms), Moderna or Pfizer are offered. Update on the situation to better navigate:

If you are over 70, you can choose. To opt for Moderna or Pfizer / BioNtech, you will have to go to a vaccination center. You can find out online (on Doctolib for example when making an appointment) or by calling which of the two will be injected. If you get the vaccine from your doctor or pharmacy, it will be AstraZeneca.

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If you are between 55 and 69 years old, and you have a co-morbidity that presents a very high risk (cancer, transplantation, chronic kidney disease, trisomy 21, certain rare diseases, etc.), you can also choose between the vaccination center (Pfizer or Moderna) or the practice of the attending physician / pharmacy (AstraZeneca).

On the other hand, if you have a comorbidity associated with a risk of serious form (and not a very high risk), you can only be vaccinated with AstraZeneca at a pharmacy or at your doctor. This concerns, among other things, cardiovascular pathologies, diabetes, respiratory problems, cirrhosis, obesity, neurological diseases, psychiatric disorders …

You will need a prescription from your doctor in both cases. If you don’t have a co-morbid condition, you cannot get the vaccine yet.

If you are between 50 and 54 years old with a comorbidity that presents a very high risk or a high risk indefinitely (see above), you can only, on prescription, opt for a vaccination center that offers Moderna or Pfizer. Indeed, the HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé) has advised to use the AstraZeneca vaccine only in those over 55, because of the uncertainties associated with the risk of thrombosis.

If you are between 18 and 49 years old, exclusively with a comorbidity that presents a very high risk (see above) and on prescription, you can only go to a vaccination center and therefore be vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna serum.

If you are a health professional, or a firefighter, aged 55 and over, you can choose between three serums. On the other hand, if you are between 18 and 54 years old, you can only go to a vaccination center and therefore choose between Pfizer and Moderna.


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