Covid-19: Christmas with the family, what will be allowed or not

► Will we be able to spend Christmas and New Year with our family?

Yes, if the health situation allows it. By December 15, the date scheduled for the second phase of the containment relief, there will be ” less than 5,000 contaminations per day and around 2,500 to 3,000 people in intensive care “, As Emmanuel Macron indicated during his televised address on November 24.

If so, then we can ” move without authorization, including between regions »To spend the end of year holidays with the family. The curfew, implemented on this date between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., will be “Lifted by way of derogation on December 24 and 31” to allow us to go to our loved ones, confirmed Jean Castex, Thursday, November 26, during the announcement of the various stages of deconfinement.

For “Travel to or from overseas territories”, it will nevertheless be necessary, present “A negative PCR test dating back less than 72 hours », Specified the Prime Minister.

Although we can get together as a family, ” that does not mean that we will be able to celebrate Christmas or New Year like the years previous ”, recalled Jean Castex, because “these moments of festive and friendly gatherings, where we lower our guard and wear less the mask, are particularly risky”. Thursday, December 3, during his presentation of the government’s vaccination strategy, he recommended not to exceed 6 people at the table for Christmas Eve.

► Will a certificate be required?

From December 15, the certificate will no longer be necessary to leave your home during the day, but will remain mandatory during the curfew (from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.). Except on December 24 and 31, since by way of exception, there will be no curfew on those evenings.

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► Can we celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends?

In principle, yes, since Jean Castex spoke of ” friendly gatherings »During these end of year celebrations, (see first answer). But they should take place under the same conditions as family celebrations for which the government recommended, Thursday, December 3, not to exceed six people at the table, not counting the children.

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Gatherings on public roads, on the other hand, will still be banned on December 31. It will therefore not be possible to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the street, or indeed in restaurants, bars or nightclubs which will remain closed until January 20.

► Will we be able to postpone the festivities to get together, especially for blended families? If not, will it be possible to accommodate family members for several days?

A priori, it will not be possible to celebrate Christmas or New Year “in offset” since the lifting of the curfew, by way of exception, is only scheduled for December 24 and 31.

Regarding the accommodation of members of the same family, there is, to date, no government recommendation. But the Prime Minister having indicated, Thursday, November 26, that it was imperative to avoid “Too many gatherings”, one can deduce that it is not desirable to sleep with several – other than the members of the household – under the same roof. Common sense would, in any case, not accommodate children and grandparents in the same room.

► How many people at the table for the holidays?

Thursday, December 3, during the presentation of the government’s vaccination strategy, Jean Castex recommended not to exceed six adults at the table for the Christmas and New Year’s meals.

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“Most of our European neighbors have set a maximum number of guests to meet for these New Years Eve parties, ranging from 6 to 10 people, excluding children, depending on the country”. “It seems reasonable to us to recommend a gauge of 6 adults without counting the children”, said the head of government.

► What sanitary rules to celebrate Christmas and New Year with the family?

The Prime Minister did not give, Thursday, December 3, details concerning the health rules. But he recalled that he ” It will be necessary to respect barrier gestures and always take care to protect the most vulnerable, in particular our elders ”.

Jean Castex indicated that the government had “Referred to the High Council of Public Health to specify the additional recommendations of caution that it will be highly desirable to respect”. A notice is awaited ” At the beginning of next week “.

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When the second confinement was announced on October 28, Emmanuel Macron asked the “ppeople at risk “And” over 70 years “To wear” systematically “A mask to” inside in the presence of another person, even a loved one, a child or a small child “And to respect” physical distancing. “

► Will we be able to spend Christmas and New Year with the grandparents?

For the Prime Minister, he “ is not No way »That these family celebrations do without the presence of elders, especially “Grandparents”, he said Thursday, November 26. During the presentation of the government’s vaccination strategy, Thursday, December 3, he recalled that “ It will be necessary to respect barrier gestures and always take care to protect the most vulnerable, in particular our elders ”. Additional recommendations are expected before December 15.

► Will we be able to visit our family abroad for the holidays? And will expatriates be able to come to France?

Yes, travel abroad will be possible taking into account the evolution of the pandemic. ” It will be essential to stay informed before considering any trip, by consulting the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “To know the” health situation in the country of destination and any restrictions », Indicated the government.

Expats will also be able to return to France for the end of year celebrations. However, the conditions will not be the same depending on the country of residence. For some countries, the list of which is indicated on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they will have to ” present a test carried out less than 72 hours in advance “.

► Will it be possible to spend Christmas in the mountains?

Yes, families will be able to spend the end of year holidays in the mountains, but will not be able to ski. “ For winter sport, the epidemic situation and the situation of hospitals, particularly in the Rhône-Alpes and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté regions, do not allow us to consider opening the resorts for the end of year holidays ”, explained Jean Castex, during his speech on the conditions for easing the confinement, Thursday, November 26. The ski lifts will therefore be closed, but it is not forbidden to wake up at altitude.

► Will we be able to go to Christmas mass?

Yes, the government has authorized the resumption of worship, but only 30 people will be able to attend a religious celebration. A limit judged “ unrealistic and unworkable »By the Conference of Bishops of France (CEF), which submitted an interim relief to the Council of State.

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