Covid-19: company vaccination will be possible “without doubt” at the end of February, assures Laurent Pietraszewski

This vaccination will be carried out by occupational physicians, only with the AstraZeneca vaccine, assured the Secretary of State for Pensions and Occupational Health.

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“The time has come”. Asked about BFM Business Thursday February 18 on vaccination against Covid-19, Laurent Pietraszewski, the Secretary of State for Pensions and Occupational Health, assured that it could start “probably from the end of the month” from February.

Not all employees will benefit from this future campaign. It should only concern “50-64 year olds who present with comorbidities”, he added. “If you have diabetes that is not stabilized, if you have cardiovascular disease, these are significant risks, he clarified, you are vulnerable, and you will be able to you within the framework of its occupational health service, your occupational physician will be able to vaccinate you. “

In accordance with the “recommendations from health authorities”, only the AstraZeneca vaccine can be injected for the moment to these people in the context of occupational medicine, continued Laurent Pietraszewski. This vaccination will be done “very gradually”. However, he recalled that there was still no question of making compulsory vaccination in the workplace.

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