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Covid-19: comparing France with New Zealand “makes no sense”, according to Emmanuel Macron

In front of the foreign press, the French president defended at length the European vaccine strategy on Friday.

It is normal that there are effects of fatigue, impatience, moments of tension on the question of vaccines ”, recognized Emmanuel Macron in front of the foreign press. Friday, January 29, the French president received at the Élysée a dozen correspondents from foreign newspapers. According to him, some comparisons sometimes woven with other countries do not hold: “When you compare France with New Zealand, it doesn’t make sense. We are not an island which has the population of Lyon and which can be isolated. ” He thus defended at length the European strategy in terms of vaccination: “I think we should all keep in mind the fact that the epidemic will stop when, at the level of the continental plates, places where people circulate, we will all be vaccinated together.” “I am delighted that within the Union, we have a coordinated strategy for purchasing, vaccination and organization. We must stay on this line “, he added.

At the turn of this interview, Emmanuel Macron nevertheless added a little more to the confusion that reigns among the Twenty-Seven. The Head of State has indeed shared his doubts about the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the elderly, a few hours before its approval by the European Medicines Agency. “What I can tell you officially is that the first feedback we have today is not encouraging for those over 60-65 years old on AstraZeneca”, he confided. “I have no data and I do not have a team of scientists who look at these figures for themselves”, said Emmanuel Macron reviewing the journalists at the High Authority of Health which has yet to approve the vaccine. The German vaccine authority has also taken the opposite view of the European regulator and reiterated its recommendation not to authorize the AstraZeneca vaccine for people aged 65 years.

We lie to people by saying “You are vaccinated”. You have a first injection of a vaccine that has two

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron in passing blasted the British vaccine strategy to postpone the second injections. “The goal is not to have as many first injections as possible”, because “When you have all the health agencies and the industrialist telling you, for it to work, you need two injections with a maximum of 28 days between the two, which is the case with Pfizer-BioNTech, and you have countries which have a vaccination strategy which consists of giving only one injection, I am not sure that this is totally serious. ” “Scientists tell you that we speed up mutants when we only give one injection because people are less well covered and therefore the virus adapts.” “We lie to people saying ‘You are vaccinated’. You have a first injection of a vaccine which has two ”, he added.

He finally felt “Formidable” and unexpected that “Those vaccines which would work the best, the fastest, were the most complicated”, as if “The Twingo or the Kangoo takes longer to be produced than the Tesla that we had never produced“.


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