Covid-19: doctors and scientists denounce a more “political” than “health” deconfinement

The government has embarked on a gradual lifting of restrictions, notably with the reopening of shops, cultural venues and terraces on May 19.

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They are challenging the government’s decision. About twenty doctors and researchers lamented, Sunday, May 9, in a forum at the Sunday newspaper (paid item) that the gradual lifting of restrictions planned by the government in the face of Covid-19 was “guided more by political designs than by a health objective”. “According to the Institut Pasteur, only an optimistic scenario would make it possible to avoid an epidemic rebound during the summer”, they assure, while the Scientific Council affirmed, on April 21, that the health situation remained “worrying”. Shops, cultural venues and terraces are due to reopen on May 19.

“Rather than formulating an objective to be achieved, such as the threshold of 5,000 new cases per day (…) the presidential announcements formalize an ’emergency brake’ or ‘re-containment’ set at 400 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants , against 250 previously, and associated with criteria as vague as ‘the sudden increase in the incidence rate’ or the ‘threat of saturation of services’ “, reproach the doctors.

“We are witnessing the officialization of the transition from active management to passive management of the epidemic. This is a daring gamble, with a particularly high threshold and not meeting control objectives.”

The forum of doctors and scientists

in the “Sunday newspaper”

“After a year of deprivation, France aspires to resume a satisfactory life. But this can only be done on scientific grounds”, they conclude again, calling “the establishment of a new national protocol, which sets precise thresholds, triggering automatic measures, decided and discussed in advance”.

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