Covid-19: Does allowing people in solitary confinement to go out for two hours a day represent a high risk of transmission?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – Isolation is about to be imposed on people who test positive for Covid-19. Two hours of outings are granted to them, arousing the incomprehension of some observers.

THE QUESTION. The media revealed on Wednesday, the compulsory isolation of people positive for Covid-19 is well included in the draft law which provides in particular for the extension of the health pass. The text provides for house arrest for a period of ten days, with possible checks by the police on the place of recorded confinement.

Some measures of liberty have however been granted, including a daily two-hour outing, between 10 a.m. and noon, as well as arrangements concerning “the pursuit of family life“,”the special condition of minors”, Or the case of people whose safety would be threatened during their isolation.

The text makes people react on social networks. While some do not understand why this measure is happening now, others wonder about the device which includes two hours of discharge: from a health point of view, is it wise to let out people who are positive for Covid-19, while a

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