Covid-19: Does Stanford Study Really Show Containment Is Ineffective?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – A comparative study between countries published in early January ensures that containment has, at best, only a marginal impact on the epidemic. Is this really the case?

THE QUESTION. – Is confining populations useful in the fight against Covid-19? A recent American study published on January 5 in the journal European Journal of Clinical Investigation ensures that the benefit of this drastic measure would be marginal. A conclusion repeated in a loop by the many people firmly opposed to France once again using the device to limit the spread of the virus which remains at a high level, with the fear that the situation will deteriorate as it spreads the English variant, more contagious. But where did this study come from? How was it conducted and what does it say exactly?

CHECKS. – It is a world-renowned epidemiologist, researcher at Stanford University, John Ioannidis who is the last signatory. This means that it is he who supervised this work. A fact often put forward to justify the “solidityOf the result.

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