Covid-19: Does the ban on eating in public transport apply to flights to overseas territories? – Overseas the 1st

Monday, December 27, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced a series of new measures to fight the current pandemic. Among them, the ban on eating and drinking in public transport.


From next Monday, will it be forbidden to eat and drink on long-haul flights between France and the Overseas Departments? The question has arisen since Prime Minister Jean Castex declared during his press conference last night that this ban would be valid in public transport, “including long distance”.

When Jean Castex talks about public transport, including long distance, one wonders: does the ban on eating and eating also apply to flights to overseas territories, for example?

Contacted yesterday in the evening, the French Overseas Ministry admits to asking the same question, while assuming that the measure will only concern France. The question is then transmitted to the Minister of Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari.

In the evening, Matignon tells some of our colleagues that the measure concerns domestic flights. But that does not fully answer our question. Flights with a stopover to the Pacific territories would therefore not be affected. But what about direct flights from France to the Antilles Guyana Reunion or Mayotte?

This Tuesday noon, a ministerial source indicates: “On will show judgment according to the distances “… What is not yet very clear. Apart from the fact that overseas territories seem not to have been taken into account in the government system.

The government had until next Monday, January 3, the date of entry into force of the measure, to clarify its thinking. It is now done.

The Ministry of Overseas has finally clarified things. He clarified that meals will always be served on long-haul flights. Something to reassure worried travelers.

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