Covid-19: elected officials criticize Miss France’s visit in front of a compact crowd in a Moselle shopping center

For its first official release, Miss France 2021 is causing controversy. Amandine Petit’s visit to a Moselle shopping center drew a compact crowd of several hundred people on Saturday, January 2, causing the consternation of several local elected officials, on the first day of the curfew advanced at 6 p.m. in the department.

The 23-year-old woman inaugurated her reign with a masked stroll through the galleries of the Farébersviller shopping center, followed by a signing session behind a plexiglass window, reports France Bleu Lorraine Nord.

A crowd formed during this last part of the event, attracting many curious, largely masked but massed close to each other. “While we are still making more and more efforts to contain this epidemic, a rally was held without sufficient distancing in a shopping center (…), lamented LREM deputy from Moselle Hélène Zannier. I have no doubt that the prefecture will be seized. “

His colleague Christophe Arend, LREM deputy for the constituency of Farébersviller, questioned the prefect of Moselle on “the inconsistency in authorizing the Miss France demonstration at the Center B’est in Farébersviller and the sanitary rules imposed in Moselle”. The LR mayor of the neighboring town of Forbach, Alexandre Cassaro, also said “very surprised that the Center B’est and the Auchan group authorized the organization of such a gathering despite the resurgence of the epidemic”.

The director of the shopping center told Lorraine Actu that he “did not expect so many people”. He ensures that the standard of 3,125 customers imposed in his establishment has been respected and that his teams have “everything to ask the public to wear their mask, which was the case”.

“The distance between people was not respected”, he admits, despite “macaroons on the ground to hold 1 meter”. No regrets, however: “If it had to be done again, yes we would repeat the operation.”

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