Covid-19: Emmanuel Macron invites “to be extra vigilant” in the face of the virus mutation

The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron called Monday, December 21 to “redouble vigilance” after one “problematic mutation” of the coronavirus which justified the suspension for 48 hours of all arrivals from British soil.

This “problematic mutation of the virus, with a much more aggressive form” watch “the complexity of this virus, its aggressiveness dare I say it, its inventiveness and the humility that we must always have”, commented the Head of State, in isolation after having himself tested positive for Covid-19, during a council of ministers where he was in videoconference and whose images were exceptionally broadcast.

“In any case, it is an exceptional situation which led us to take this rapid decision and which should lead us to be extra vigilant on developments” virus, added from the official residence of La Lanterne the President of the Republic, dressed in black and wearing a mask, on his 43rd birthday. The Head of State spoke of “probably ask that PCR tests be presented as negative on arrival in the territory”.

“We have to build a solution for our nationals who would like to join the national territory during this holiday season, by recommending them, from last night, to go and do PCR tests in order to be able to travel”, he added.

This suspension was announced on Sunday at the end of an extraordinary Sanitary Defense Council and comes in the wake of similar measures taken by Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg or Ireland. , while a variant of the Sars-CoV-2 virus has been detected across the Channel.

About the health situation, “We were able to measure the effectiveness of the curfew and adapted containment policy that we have been pursuing since the end of October”, But “we could also see the impact of this reopening, even very gradual and very careful that we were able to do”, lamented the head of state.

The “The plateau is unfortunately still too high before the family and friendly gatherings of the next few days and therefore we must hammer this vigilance”, he added.

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