Covid-19: for Henri Guaino, the vaccine strategy is “a failure for everyone”



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France’s vaccination campaign continues, but criticism still remains. Henri Guaino, former deputy and ex-adviser of Nicolas Sarkozy was the political guest of the 23h of franceinfo to come back, in particular, on this subject.

The government wants to vaccinate 10 million people by mid-April and still uses vulnerability and age criteria as a basis. In the opposition, the executive’s vaccination strategy is regularly under fire from criticism. “I think there are a lot of opinions. There is something that we seem to forget, we do not have enough vaccines. As long as that is the case, we will not have the choice than to establish priorities “, explains Henri Guaino, former deputy and ex-special adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy. He was the guest of the 23h of franceinfo.

“The real question is how we can get enough doses as quickly as possible. We must first vaccinate those who are at risk of dying.”, he continued. Henri Guaino then considered that the vaccine strategy was “a failure for everyone”. “The English have already vaccinated nearly half the population with a dose. Europe has completely failed. There is a double failure in France. On the supply of vaccines which is insufficient and the failure of logistics. There has been considerable disorder. We must resolve this before dealing with the enlargement to other populations “, he detailed.

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