Covid-19: for scientists, the trail of a laboratory leak is no longer taboo

DECRYPTION – Work carried out in recent years at the Wuhan Virological Institute was disclosed on Twitter by an anonymous scientific account.

While the World Health Organization (WHO) calls for new investigations, a large part of the scientific community finds it increasingly obvious that China is not providing all the information at its disposal to elucidate the enigma of the origins of the disease. Covid. In a correspondence published in the prestigious journal Science, around twenty very high-level scientists thus call for examining the hypothesis of a laboratory leak in the same way as that of natural “zoonotic overflow”. They claim “A transparent, objective, data-based investigation (…), and subject to independent monitoring”.

They thus join the opinion of the “Paris group”, an international and multidisciplinary group of scientists at the origin of a series of open letters sent to the WHO since the beginning of the year calling for shedding light on the origin of the pandemic, without ruling out the accidental track. What the researchers are asking for is “access

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