Covid-19: four questions on the proposal to confine the capital made by the mayor of Paris

After the announcement by Prime Minister Jean Castex of the “enhanced surveillance” Paris, and 19 other departments, faced with the epidemic rise, the capital wants to take the lead.

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“The trajectory is worrying and undoubtedly requires thinking about additional measures”, estimated the first deputy mayor Emmanuel Grégoire, Thursday February 25 at franceinfo. He advocates strict but short confinement. Here are four questions that arise after this proposal.

1Where is the epidemic in Paris?

According to the latest epidemiological point published by Public Health France on Thursday February 25, the incidence rate in Paris is 304 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. “75% of intensive care beds are saturated, there is an explosion incidence, and it is linked to the variants”, explains the first assistant at LCI. On France Inter, the director general of Public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris (APHP) Martin Hirsch was worried Monday to note that“one in two patients hospitalized with us has the English variant”. With the start of the school year imminent after the winter holidays, the Assistant in charge of Health Anne Souyris (EELV) adds that she fears a “explosion of numbers” of Covid-19 in the capital.

2What does the town hall offer?

According to Anne Hidalgo’s first deputy, “the current situation” under curfew is “the worst because they are half measures with bad results”. “You cannot force yourself to live in a semi-prison for months”, he added. Rather than confinement on weekends, a measure “very restrictive in terms of societal impact and relatively ineffective in terms of health”, Emmanuel Grégoire therefore prefers “simple confinement” in Paris. It also offers “the use of teleworking in a mandatory way and measures targeted at traders with discernment, objectively, on the criteria and then of limited duration”. At a press conference on Friday, February 26, he added that in the event of re-containment, “we are in favor of keeping schools open”.

The town hall intends to forward its proposals to the government at the beginning of next week, after dialogue with the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and the police headquarters over the weekend. “This would only make sense at the level of Ile-de-France, especially since all [les départements] are under surveillance as announced by the Prime Minister therefore [cela] involves a broad dialogue in the days to come “, added Emmanuel Grégoire on Twitter.

3What is the expected outcome?

At the end of this reconfinement, the mayor of Paris wants “really give fresh air and have the prospect of reopening everything”, including bars, restaurants and cultural places, said Emmanuel Grégoire, while maintaining health protection measures. “During these three weeks of confinement, we are organizing the rest of the events to get off to a good start and this time have real preparation, real planning. We will be able to prepare, do with people, make schools that work, do in order to have a functional cultural life. This virus will remain, until the end of a real period of vaccination for all “, adds Anne Souyris to Europe 1.

4What are the reactions to this proposal?

“If we entered into this framework of discussions with elected officials, it is so that they make proposals, so that of the mayor of Paris will obviously be studied”, assured Friday the government spokesman Gabriel Attal on France Inter. He added, however: “There are quite a few scientists who consider that, with a three-week confinement, we can defeat the virus and open everything, as the elected officials of the mayor of Paris have said.”

Within the Parisian opposition, the Changer Paris group (Republicans, centrists and independents) denounced in a statement a proposal “aberrant”. “Claiming to confine Paris without taking its neighbors into account is absolute nonsense: the virus does not stop at the gates of the ring road!”, castigate the elected officials of the right and the center of Paris, who accuse Anne Hidalgo of having made this proposal “without any consultation, neither with the mayors of the district, nor with the elected officials of the bordering municipalities”.

The president of the region Valérie Pécresse (Libres!) She described as“illusory” any health decisions taken “at departmental level in Ile-de-France”, in a statement to Parisian. “How do you do it, in a region where millions of people take public transport every day to go to work and move daily from one department to another?” she said.

For his part, the president of the Confederation of French traders, Francis Palombi, said he was “bewildered” by this proposal: “It’s nonsense, there is already a curfew, many measures have been put in place. That there are certain additional measures, I can admit, but total confinement in Paris, we cannot not tolerate. It will hurt, even worse, businesses in Paris “, he advances to Europe 1.

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