Covid-19: France “able to vaccinate its entire population by the end of August if the vaccines ordered are validated by the health authorities”

As people eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine struggle to secure appointments, the government assures us that it will be “able” to vaccinate 70 million people by the end of August, “if all the vaccines ordered are validated by European and world health authorities”. This was assured Thursday, January 21 Olivier Véran, guest of the 20 hours of TF1.

The Minister of Health said he expected “probably 1.3 to 1.4 million” people are vaccinated at the end of January, more than the million initially announced. Then the number of people vaccinated would rise to “4 million at the end of February, 9 million in March, 20 million at the end of April, 30 million at the end of May, 43 million at the end of June, 57 million at the end of July and 70 million million, that is to say the entire French population, by the end of August “, he listed.

“People aged 75 and over who are anxious to be vaccinated will be vaccinated before the end of March”, he still assured.

“We are in exactly the same situation as our German, Italian and Spanish neighbors”, noted Olivier Véran, for whom “It would obviously be great news if all of these vaccines were effective and we could protect the entire population in less than six months”.

The minister was much more cautious Thursday afternoon before the Senate Law Committee. He then mentioned the target of “15 million people vaccinated before summer”, is “a large part of the population at risk of severe form”.

But counting “all people who are chronically ill, plus people aged 60 and over, we are closer to 25 to 30 million people, which means that even with the best organization and all the supplies that would arrive in time and in due time, we could not have vaccinated all vulnerable groups by the summer “, he added to explain the government’s request to continue the state of health emergency until the fall.

According to Les Echos (subscribers article), the number of doses available until June has been revised to 91 million, against 77 million previously (including 8 million Janssen vaccines requiring only one injection instead of two). By June and if four additional vaccines get the green light from the European Medicines Agency, the government hopes that 45 million French people will be able to be vaccinated, writes the economic daily.

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