Covid-19: from January to June 2021, here are the three phases of the vaccination plan envisaged by the government

The vaccination plan is becoming clearer. The Prime Minister announced Thursday, December 3 that a million people would be vaccinated in January, especially in nursing homes. From February, nearly 14 million French people with risk factors linked to the coronavirus. “We will be ready for the first vaccinations as soon as the vaccines are available”, he continued, adding that the material and logistics equipment were ready.

“The deployment of vaccination will be done gradually according to a simple logic: priority will be given to the groups most vulnerable to the virus and those most likely to develop serious forms of the disease”, the Prime Minister said at a press conference.

Elderly people living in medico-social establishments, in particular nursing homes, and staff working there when they present a particular risk will be vaccinated first. This Phase 1 will affect a million people, “which corresponds to the quantities of vaccines that will be delivered to us during the first month”, he said.

Phase 2 will affect some 14 million people with an age-related risk factor or a chronic pathology. It should start in February and will run until spring. Finally, phase 3 will be that of enlargement to other sections of the population and will be implemented from the spring.

Vaccination will be free for all and the government has budgeted 1.5 billion euros in the Social Security budget for 2021 for this purpose, said Matignon. In the general public phase, Jean Castex expressed the wish that the general practitioner be “at the heart of the system”.

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