Covid-19: from Monday, homemade masks are no longer allowed in schools, from primary to high school

In the closet, homemade masks! Under the new protocol health system set up by National Education to fight against the coronavirus epidemic, only category 1 masks will now be allowed in schools, from Monday February 8. Everyone is concerned, children and staff, from primary to high school, including middle school (with the exception of kindergarten students who are exempt from wearing a mask).

This new directive has been in effect since February 1, but the ministry had left a few days for parents, children and staff to adapt. This is to limit the risk of contamination within schools, while the British variant, more contagious, is spreading in the country.

As a reminder, category 1 masks, initially intended for “professionals in contact with the public” (for example cashiers or public service agents) filter at least 90% of the particles emitted with a size greater than or equal to 3 microns. Category 2 masks, “with a collective aim to protect an entire group”, filter, for their part, 70% of particles of 3 microns and more.

“It is up to parents to provide masks to their children. The ministry equips each school, college and high school with category 1” general public “masks so that they can be provided to students who do not have them”, can we read. To find your way around, know that the packaging of these category 1 masks should normally display at least two pieces of information: a logo specifying the number of washes for which the mask has been tested, and the filtration performance of the product. It is therefore necessary to check that the mask filters at least 90% of the particles.

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