Covid-19: Gare Montparnasse in Paris, few police checks for travelers

90,000 police and gendarmes are mobilized to check the certificates this weekend, especially in stations and on the roads. But few patrols were visible on Saturday at the Montparnasse station in Paris.

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90,000 police and gendarmes are deployed to enforce the health rules of this third confinement on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 March. This is the figure announced Friday by the Minister of the Interior. A planned mobilization, in particular on the roads and in the stations to control travelers. However, the presence of the police remained discreet on Saturday March 27 in the morning at the Gare Montparnasse in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

Even though there are neither the crowds nor the crowded trains from the previous weekend, Montparnasse station is far from deserted this Saturday morning. From the entrance on the street side to the exit of the metro, passing through the various halls, we only came across a single patrol of three police officers, busy checking the certificates. No verbalization for this couple of young people who move towards Mantes la Jolie. “The police were very understanding, they listened to us”, testifies the young man, “We’re going to help a friend move out, he has a lot of heavy furniture so he really needed a hand …” Both had therefore ticked the “move” box on their certificate.

A little further on, Bryan, who is traveling with his young son Noah, has not met any police since his departure. “I left Soisson in the Aisne and I’m going to Pau”, he says, “I took two trains and the metro and had no control. I have a certificate but I am traveling for my vacation.” And when asked what he checked off the precious sesame, he replies: “Business trip.”

“It is a confinement not very respected, with quite paradoxical instructions because we go out when we want, as we want and as long as we want …”

Bryan, traveler at Montparnasse station


No control either for Matthieu who comes from Lorient to buy a car. “I am not a good student, I have not completed the certificate”, he confides, “I know I can make it for the essentials and can generate it with three clicks on my phone.” For his part, Charles, a student with his big bag on his back, has his certificate to go to Brest to revise. “I am in preparatory class and the competitions are coming up in two weeks so we have an exemption signed by the director of our establishment to go to work in small groups”, he explains, “The grandparents of one of my comrades have a large country house in Brest and they are vaccinated so we will take the opportunity to breathe a little outside Paris.” VSUnlike last weekend, the trains are not full, the offer is still significant. SNCF will not reduce its TGV traffic until Monday.

Covid-19: Gare Montparnasse in Paris, few police checks for travelers. Jérôme Jadot’s report


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