Covid-19 has been more deadly for men

DECRYPTION – INED publishes an analysis of mortality in France in 2021, and notes an increase of 35,000 deaths compared to a year without Covid.

Two years later, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to kill. Every day, a hundred people die of the disease in the country. The National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) published this Wednesday the detailed analysis of mortality for the year 2021. France recorded 657,000 deaths, or 12,000 less than in 2020 but 44,000 more than 2019, last pre-pandemic year. “If we take into account the impact of the aging of the population, the excess mortality in 2021 compared to what was expected without Covid-19 is 35,000”, explains Gilles Pison, co-author of this report and demographer at the National Museum of Natural History.

Does this mean that Sars-CoV-2 only killed 35,000 people in France, when the data from Public Health France on deaths in hospital, or the count from the Center for Epidemiology on medical causes of death (Inserm) which is based on medical death certificates report 59,000 to 67,000 victims? “2021 has been a particularly…

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