Covid-19: health protocol reinforced in canteens for the last week before the holidays

Since Thursday, the mask is again compulsory in the playgrounds and the practice of physical and sports activities indoors is limited.

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The health protocol to fight the Covid-19 epidemic is once again reinforced in schools. Monday, December 13, the restriction on the mixing of students in the canteen comes into force. In other words, the first-level students must have lunch every day at the same table, by maintaining a distance of at least two meters from those of other classes, specifies the site This limitation also implies an individual service (trays, cutlery, water, serving on the plate or on the tray) and the prohibition of bulk food offers. When mixing between classes is not possible, the limitation of mixing applies by level, details the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports on its site.

As a reminder, certain measures of the level 3 health protocol entered into force since Thursday. These require students from the first grade and school staff to wear masks in the playground and also limit physical and sports activities indoors. “Physical and sporting activities generally take place outdoors. However, when indoor practice is essential (bad weather, availability of facilities, etc.), only low-intensity activities compatible with wearing a mask and staying away from 2 meters are allowed “, says the ministry, in the sanitary protocol.

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