Covid-19: how to convince the French to get vaccinated?

INTERVIEW – Coralie Chevallier, cognitive science researcher at Inserm, is interested in the mechanisms of vaccine mistrust and the means to remedy it.

LE FIGARO. – You advocate for a communication campaign in favor of vaccination. Why?

Coralie CHEVALLIER. – To reverse the trend. Opinion polls show an increase in vaccine hesitancy against Covid-19 since May in France. Including those over 65. We talk a lot about anti-vaccines, but they are actually very few. The persistent refusal and in principle of vaccines concerns less than 2% of the population. The vast majority accept the vaccination, although there may be initial concerns. We can also see this in our surveys: by including the responses of those who want “Wait a bit before getting vaccinated”, the percentage of French people rather in favor of vaccination against Covid reaches 75%.

How to convince?

It is very important to give a voice to the provaccines. We do not hear them today because the media attention is focused on vaccine hesitation. But the more we have the impression that

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