Covid-19: how will the vaccination of people over 75 go?

After controversial beginnings, vaccination against Covid is opening up to the general public. From Monday, January 18, people over 75 years of age who do not reside in an nursing home who have booked appointments will be able to be vaccinated.

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Registration is done online on one of the three platforms chosen by the government, Doctolib, Maiia and Keldoc, or on the official website. An appointment by telephone is also possible, but, for the moment, no number has been communicated at the national level. “From January 22, the people concerned should receive a letter with the contact details of the centers on which they depend”, adds a case specialist.

The role of the attending physician

A prior visit by his general practitioner is not compulsory. Vaccination centers (village halls, hospitals, gymnasiums, etc.) should provide consultations before the injection, in particular to check the patient’s medical history and treatments, as well as to inform him. “But this will greatly streamline the process if the people who come have already completed a pre-consultation with their attending physician”, wishes Luc Duquesnel, doctor and president of the generalist branch at the Confederation of medical unions. Before calling back: “We know our patients and their health the best, and they trust us. “

For Vincent Renard, from the College of General Teachers, “The risk is to have patients facing unknown caregivers, who will take more or less the time for explanations”. “People who are convinced will be vaccinated anyway, but for those who hesitate, these centers may not be the best approach., he believes. Everything will depend on the territory, sometimes these centers will be very relevant with concerted action with professionals, and in other cases, they will only serve as showcases for a speed race of local elected officials. “

Appointments to group injections

Doctors cannot make the injection in an office, given the cold chain required by the two vaccines currently authorized in France. “On the other hand, we are mobilized to intervene in the vaccination centers”, continues Luc Duquesnel. In Strasbourg, the municipality has launched a broad appeal to the Liberals to be able to offer as many time slots as possible in the room which is due to open on January 18. “Health insurance should indicate how many people are eligible for this phase of vaccination in each territory, alerts the practitioner. We’re not going to open the same number of slots if we have 150 or 15,000 patients. ” In Nancy, where 19,000 people over 75 are potentially concerned, the vaccination campaign must exceptionally start this Wednesday, January 13, and the appointment books for the first two days are already well filled.

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“Each vial of the Pfizer product allows 5 to 6 doses of vaccine, so injections must be grouped to avoid waste”, recalls Philippe Besset, president of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Unions. He claims the possibility for pharmacists to carry out vaccinations, as is already the case for influenza. Beyond the centers in the agglomerations, what about the rural areas where the elderly and isolated live, and those who can no longer move?


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