Covid-19: “I see things landing more around mid-March”, says Jean-François Delfraissy

On franceinfo, the president of the Scientific Council affirms that “the Omicron wave is not over”.

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The Omicron wave is not over” corn “she is different“from the previous ones, explained Jean-François Delfraissy, president of the Scientific Council, this Tuesday on franceinfo. “It is a variant that is much more transmissible but much less severe.

I see things landing more towards mid-March with a gradual, very slow decline in terms of hospitalizations“, he estimated.

108,481 new cases of Covid-19 have been detected in the past 24 hours in France, according to the latest data published by Public Health France on Monday. A week ago, on Monday January 17, 102,144 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded.

337 patients entered intensive care in the last 24 hours (they were 355 a week ago) and there are 3,353 new hospitalizations (compared to 2,815 a week ago), still according to data published by Public Health France.

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