Covid-19: in France, protective vaccine coverage but not infallible

DECRYPTION – There is a latency period of about a week between contracting the virus and hospitalization of severe cases.

It is now undeniable, a fifth wave of Covid is forming in France. The fault, undoubtedly, with the return of the cold which favors the circulation of respiratory viruses, with a relaxation of the barrier gestures and with a decline in the effectiveness of the vaccines against the infections after six months.

The incidence rate alone increased by 44% in one week, from 62 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at the end of October to 90 in the first week of November, according to Public Health France. The agency reports a “Sharp increase in the incidence rate in all age groups”, especially among 20-49 year olds (+ 52%). On a daily basis, this translates into an average of new cases exceeding 10,000 over the last seven days, SPF said on Sunday.

Even more speaking, the effective R rate is now greater than 1. This reflects a growing epidemic with in this case “A doubling time of the order of a month”, indicates Mircea Sofonea, lecturer in epidemiology and evolution

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