Covid-19 in Guyana: on October 21, “we can decide to have a simpler life”, says the prefect

According to Thierry Queffelec, the health situation could make it possible to alleviate the health measures put in place to fight against Covid-19.

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“During the next interministerial crisis unit” to be held on Thursday, October 21, “we will be able to decide on new openings and a simpler life”, the prefect of Guyana, Thierry Queffelec, said Monday on franceinfo, while the incidence rate of Covid-19 “drop quite a bit” in the local authority. Some areas of Guyana are subject to a curfew and restaurant closures due to the heavy traffic of Covid-19. The incidence rate was, however, 378 cases per 100,000 inhabitants on October 13. “The curfew is very heavy to live”, explained the prefect.

In addition to the circulation of the Covid-19 in Guyana, there was the blocking of two fuel depots by anti-health pass protesters on Monday. The prefecture has therefore decided to close all service stations in the region. “In this kind of deposit blockage, people tend to go quite quickly to refuel their vehicle”, justified Thierry Queffelec. “The best solution is to shut down so that we can have enough fuel for all rescue and school transport.” He assures that “now is not the time to close the petrol depots”.

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