Covid-19: in Italy, social and cultural life restarts in the streets of Rome

A spritz in hand, the third in half an hour, seated on the terrace of the bar Il Biscione, four French friends, Erasmus students, celebrated their first day of freedom found a stone’s throw from Piazza Campo Dei Fiori. “After six weeks of heavy restrictions, it’s happiness!, one of them exclaims. We regain a taste for our youth, stolen by the virus. “

A calculated risk

The third wave of the pandemic is far from over for Italy, but the head of government, Mario Draghi, has taken “ a calculated risk »For gradual deconfinement, after consultation with the Higher Health Council, the regions and the social partners. Out of 20 regions, the 15 reclassified in yellow benefit from multiple reductions, apart from the curfew maintained at 10 p.m. Face-to-face lessons will be 70% to 100% guaranteed for pupils and students. And the reopening of restaurants and cultural venues gives hope for an economic rebound.

→ PORTRAIT. Francesco Figliuolo, a soldier to relaunch the vaccination campaign in Italy

Health protocols are nonetheless rigid. For example, cinemas and concert halls welcome spectators, by reservation, up to a limit of 50% of their capacity. In bars and restaurants, table service is only permitted for those with outdoor space. In fact, a myriad of mini-sites have appeared on the terraces where we install flower boxes, plexiglass, heaters or multicolored tables with four places, corresponding to the number of guests allowed to sit together.

Reopening of museums and archaeological sites

For Francesco, owner of the Emma pizzeria, the reopening is a very positive signal. ” Piano, piano, everything starts up again, it’s a nice breath of fresh air in perspective. I put 25 of my 50 employees back to work and we are full at lunch all week. However, he deplores the imposed schedule in the evening. ” Our customers usually book for 9 p.m. There, it will be necessary to run to settle the bill before 10 pm, under penalty of a very steep fine. “

But at the Osteria delle Coppelle, which is one of the 4000 Roman establishments without the possibility of occupying public land, the owner, Alfonso, is in the dark. ” We only have four tables on the sidewalk, while our indoor rooms can accommodate clients in complete safety. I’m afraid I can’t financially overcome this umpteenth obstacle. “

The reopening of museums and archaeological sites represents for the retired Aldo, who hastened to take advantage of it, a return to his roots. “ I revisited the Colosseum and I feel refreshed ”, he explains, very moved. Cinema side, for the moment, only four rooms are reopened. Among them, that of the Farnese, projects The Rossellinis, a documentary by Roberto Rossellini’s grandson, Alessandro, which traces the history of the family closely linked to that of Italian neorealism. And thus to “Rome open city”.


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