Covid-19: in Saint-Denis, “we had to induce childbirth to save the mother at the expense of the baby”


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Tuesday, March 30, there are nearly 5,000 patients in intensive care. The peak of the second wave of the epidemic in November has been passed. In Seine-Saint-Denis, there is a rejuvenation of intensive care admissions.

“You wake up there, you have been with us for three weeks and now you are starting to get better”, confides a caregiver to a patient. For these caregivers from Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), exhausted, the days go by and look alike. We had to push the walls to open 26 beds in all. 20 are occupied by Covid-19 patients. Patients are getting younger and younger every day. “In the department, we have three in their thirties. We have three in their forties, fifties, and sixties. The oldest patient is 72-74 years old. And therefore an average age of 50 years. That’s over 15 years old. less compared to the first wave “, indicates Daniel Da Silva, head of the intensive care unit at Delafontaine hospital.

The service also welcomes many more pregnant women than during the first wave. “They are still more numerous and more serious than before. We had to induce deliveries to save the mother at the expense of the baby. And then they did not all survive”, indicates Mathilde Azzi, resuscitator at Delafontaine hospital. On Saturday, two patients had to be transferred for lack of available beds. Seine-Saint-Denis is the department in France with the highest incidence rate.

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