Covid-19: in Shanghai confined for more than a month, the dull anger at the diehard Chinese communist regime

STORY – A growing number of residents of China’s largest metropolis are protesting against the “absurdity” of the health restrictions imposed bluntly for long weeks.

Correspondent in Asia

Romeo and Juliet on the Bund, Omicron time. To cross this boulevard which runs along the Huangpu River, and finally embrace her young husband locked up in quarantine on the other side of the river which tears apart Shanghai, the beautiful Moon* had to resort to the methods of human traffickers. Hidden under a blanket, lying at the bottom of a van, her husband eluded the niggling vigilance of the multiple health checkpoints that crisscross China’s largest city, paralyzed by the communist regime’s implacable “zero Covid” strategy.

An incredible commando operation worthy of a spy film made possible by the ingenuity of the young Shanghainese, and by hard-earned bribes of more than 8,000 yuan (1,150 euros) to bribe the rare drug deliverers still allowed to circulate in the immense megalopolis of 26 million inhabitants. “It’s totally illegal, but it was the only way to find us”entrusts…

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