Covid-19: is France in a “more than honorable situation” in Europe?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – The Hexagon is one of the European countries with the lowest incidence and positivity rates, according to the Prime Minister, Jean Castex.

THE QUESTION. “The results of our strategy today place us in a more than honorable comparative situation in Europe.Prime Minister Jean Castex said Thursday, January 15 at his press conference, recalling that “our situation obviously remains worrying“. The head of government bases his judgment on the incidence rate and the positivity rate of the tests which, according to him, are among the lowest in Europe.

In front of the senators, Wednesday, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, had already evoked these rates, regretting the temptation of the “self flagellation“:”Need I remind you that today we have among the lowest incidence rates in Europe, the test positivity rates – which is undoubtedly a better indicator – among the lowest in Europe? We confined (…) before the others, and we benefited from it (…) I just ask that we do not self-flag“. Are these really facts? Faced with Covid, is France one of the best European students?

CHECKS. And let’s start with the incidence rate, which, remember, corresponds to the number of positive tests per 100,000 inhabitants. To compare these rates between different European countries, we can therefore simply compare the number of positive cases detected. What do we observe if we start by comparing France with its closest geographical neighbors?

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