Covid-19: is France one of the last countries in Europe for “vaccination of the most vulnerable”?

THE CHEKING PROCESS. This is what the MEP LR François-Xavier Bellamy said, citing in particular the case of the elderly. What about our European partners?

THE QUESTION. While the rate of vaccination had slowed at the beginning of the summer, the introduction of the health pass pushed many French people to take the plunge. Now, 72.6% of French people have received at least one dose of vaccine and 66.6% are fully vaccinated, or respectively nearly three quarters and very exactly two thirds of the population. France has thus made up for the delay it had taken in early 2021 compared to the world champions of vaccination, which it has even sometimes exceeded since, like the United Kingdom (63% of the population fully vaccinated), the United States. United (53%) or Israel (63%).

But does this good general score hide less glorious disparities? On Europe 1, the MEP LR François-Xavier Bellamy, unconvinced by the health past, was thus worried about the vaccination of the most vulnerable. “The vaccine is useful in protecting against severe forms of the virus, and that is fundamental. France is one of the last countries in Europe for the vaccination of the most vulnerable, for the vaccination of the elderly for example, he explained. And it is not with the sanitary pass that we are going to solve that. Because when you tell people that if they don’t have the health pass they won’t be able to go to a nightclub, that doesn’t affect 85-year-olds very much. However, it is to them that it is necessary to speak in priority because they are the ones who can develop serious forms.“. Is it correct? And, beyond the classification between European countries, is the vaccination of the most vulnerable the absolute priority?

CHECKS. And remember that, among the “fragile people” Where “vulnerable», Include the elderly, as well as

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